What is DHport?
We are a manufacturer to business (M2B) platform for the global online marketplace. Please be advised, we are not a supplier.
What is the difference between DHport and DHgate?
DHgate is a business to customer (B2C) platform, whereas we are a manufacturer to business (M2B) one. We focus on wholesale orders and product samples.
How are you different from Alibaba.com or AliExpress.com?
Two main differences: 1) We employ quality control evaluations to ensure the reliability of the manufacturer. 2) We connect buyers to manufacturers only. No suppliers or other kinds of middlemen are involved in the buying process.
What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
The MOQ (minimum order quantity) is the number of items that must be purchased to receive the listed price.
If I want to order more than the MOQ, will that affect the price?
We accept most items to be returned and refunded within 7 days of shipment. Please see our Return & Refund policy for more details.
How can I check the stock availability?
The stock availability will be indicated on the product’s page.
How do I know if the manufacturer is reliable?
Our sourcing team is dedicated to developing and improving our criterion that each verified manufacturer must meet before accepting transactions. Each manufacturer will provide us with its business licenses, tax registration certificates, certifications for market entry and product safety, and other supporting documents.
How do we ensure that our products are high quality?
Our pool of verified manufacturers have a good track record for producing products for U.S markets. If you are hesitant about the product’s quality, you should order a sample using our 90 day Trial Offer! It’s a sure way to determine if the product meets your expectations.
Do you provide shipping services?
We do not our offer own shipping service. However, all orders are shipped through the major couriers: UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TNT.
Where can I check delivery status?
Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive an email with a tracking number and a link leading you to the tracking website. You can always log in and go to My Order under My Account to check the shipping status..
Where are your warehouses located? Will their location affect the shipping time?
We have several warehouse locations throughout China and the United States. The shipping time will vary depending on the location of the product and will be indicated on your order.
Does DHport guarantee my transaction?
DHport’s payment escrow service will not release the money to the manufacturer until the buyer confirms that he or she is satisfied with the purchase.
What are DHport's policies regarding products that arrive damaged or products that are defective?
We accept most items to be returned and refunded within 7 days of shipment. Please see our Return & Refund policy for more details.
How can I file a dispute against the seller?
You can file for disputes in My Order under My Account, or you can always contact our service desk via service@dhport.com for complaints or anything else.
What number can I call if I have any additional questions or concerns?
You can call us at +1 (626) 318 8539. Our sales representatives are available Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm EST.